IT Systems for Students

On this page, you will find instructions for using the various applications and student systems available to you and links to those systems.

Links to other systems and other user guides can be found on the IT Services pages

Direct links to the most used systems (Moodle, email and Peppi) can still be found at the upper-right corner of the page under UniCommunity > Students.

Peppi - Student’s desktop

As a student, you will have access to the Student’s desktop of the Peppi educational administration system. On the Student’s desktop, you can register for courses and also register for the academic year, update your personal study plan (PSP), monitor your progress in your studies and give course feedback.

Logging into the Student’s desktop

  • Use your university username and password to log into the Student’s desktop at:
  • On the home page, you can see your own details, shortcuts to various functions, and a list of open course feedback surveys.   
  • In the top right-hand corner, under your name, you can select the study right whose details you want to view. Study right codes that are preceded by an arrow icon are currently active.
  • In the top navigation bar, you can access different functions under the following menus:
    • Home page: Go back to the home page.
    • Studies: Here, you can select to update your personal study plan (PSP), view the courses you have completed that are associated with the selected study right, make agreements and register for the academic year.  
    • Study search: See the Study Guide for more detailed information about courses and implementations.
    • Course feedback: You can give feedback for courses that are currently running or that have finished.
    • Study certificates Order an official electronic study certificate or transcript of records.

Peppi - Your completed courses

In Peppi, the courses you have completed are associated with specific study rights. If you have more than one study right, for example undergraduate and graduate, completed studies will be placed on the study right that was active during the time of completion. If you do not find specific course grades, check that you have selected the correct study right. Studies completed in the open university will have their own study rights. If you want studies moved to another study right, contact your study counsellor.

If you need an official study certificate or transcript of records, you can order one from the Study Certificates tab.

Peppi - Registering for courses

In Peppi, you need to register for courses or, rather, implementations using the PSP (Personal Study Plan) tool. When your PSP is up-to-date, you can see any implementations whose registration period is currently open under the Enrollments tab of your PSP. The Personal Study Plans will be brought into use in Peppi in stages, which means that when the Peppi Student’s desktop is first activated, your PSP may look different from the study plan that was previously approved. Nevertheless, you can still register for courses and complete them as normal. 

Use the search function to find courses that you can enroll to. Make sure that you have the correct study right selected (undergraduate vs. graduate). Enrollment might be rejected if you do not have the correct study right selected. If you have enrolled to a course but cannot see it, make sure you have the correct study right selected.

To register for a course (implementation)

  • Click the Enroll on a course button on the home page or  
  • Select the Enrollments tab of your PSP
  • Under the Enrollment ongoing section, you can see all the implementations included in your PSP whose registration period is currently open.
  • Click the Enroll button to register for the implementation.
    • If the implementation has separate teaching groups, follow the instructions to select the required number of options.
  • If you want to register for a course that isn’t yet included in your Personal Study Plan, you can add a course by clicking the +Search for courses button.
    • Use the search to find the course you require and click Enroll to register for it.
  • When you have successfully registered, the implementation will appear under the Enrollments section.
  • The status symbol of each implementation will tell you if you have been accepted on that implementation.
    • Enrollment will be confirmed after the end of the registration period.
  • You can cancel your registration by clicking the Cancel button, unless your registration has already been approved.

Cancel your enrollment if you decide not to take the course or you drop out during the course. If your enrollment is waiting for approval, you can cancel it yourself. If your enrollment has been approved, and you want to cancel, contact the course teacher.

If you enroll on a course but do not complete it (and you don’t contact the teacher to cancel your enrollment), note that when the teacher or the administrators enter the grades for the other students at the end of the course implementation, they will also reject the enrollments of any students who did not complete the course. You may therefore notice that the status of your enrollment has changed to Rejected. The reason why this is done is that in Peppi, if a student enrolls on a course but doesn’t complete it, they will not be able to enroll on another implementation of the same course later on (e.g. the following semester) unless their previous enrollment has been rejected. If you notice that your previous enrollment has not been rejected and you are therefore not able to enroll on another implementation of the course, please contact peppi(at)

Peppi - Your Personal Study Plan (PSP)

Every student has their own PSP, or Personal Study Plan. This is used to plan and monitor your studies as well as for course enrollment. The PSP tool will be introduced gradually. PSP’s that have been confirmed before Peppi are still in effect. If you have a PSP that has been approved before Peppi, you can use it to organize your Peppi PSP. You do not need to have it approved again. You can make changes to your PSP according to the degree structure during your studies. Use the Arrangement tab to move and organize courses to their correct slot.

If your PSP in Peppi is not the same as the one you have previously approved, contact your study counsellor. If you switch to a newer PSP, also contact your study counsellor.

Using the PSP-tool

Access your PSP from the link located on the front page or from the top navigation menu: Studies -> PSP

Make sure you have the correct study right selected. To change your study right, do it from the top right corner where your name is displayed.

The PSP-tool has several tabs:


  • General view of your PSP. You can add notes and download an unofficial transcript
  • You can open and close the modules by pressing >  next to the headline. 
  • Different colored squares next to the courses indicate the course state. Different states can be course timing (in your scheduling), registration, pass/fail etc.
  • Notice that Peppi does not always indicate compulsory/optional status correctly. Always check your study guide!
  • You can download an unofficial transcript by clicking Download PDF transcript (unofficial).
  • The Status window to the right shows how many ECTS you have selected and how much your degree needs, your average grade and how many ECTS you have accumulated.
  • Notices window shows the latest events regarding your PSP.
  • New messages window shows messages and notes sent to you from the PSP.
  • Studies that are not included in the general PSP structure are located in the ”Studies not in study plan”

Selecting studies

  • Add courses to your PSP
  • Use the Add studies function to search and select studies for your PSP.
  • If you select studies for your minor/module/study module, remember to select all the courses separately.
  • You can select compulsory and optional courses by clicking the slider next to them
  • Always check what courses are needed for your degree from the study guide!
  • Students are not allowed to remove studies from their PSP. If you have a course that does not belong to your degree, you can move it to the ”Studies not in study plan” section and ask your study counsellor to remove them.
  • The Study right details link takes you to your personal information page
  • Always keep your personal information up-to-date! 


  • Arrange courses within your PSP
  • Students can organize their studies in their PSP according to degree structure.
  • Select the course you want to move and drag it to the correct place.
  • Make sure you organize your PSP according to the degree structure. 
  • Do not move compulsory courses to other study modules or outside your studies! 
  • If you have compulsory courses in the ”studies not included in your plan” section, you can move them to their corresponding slots.
  • For example, language studies or optional studies.
  • Courses that are locked or graded are not to be moved!
  • If you notice an error in structure grading, contact your study counsellor.


  • Plan and schedule your studies (for your own convenience, does not register you to courses)
  • The scheduling tab is a tool for students
  • Scheduling your studies is part of your PSP planning, but study counsellors do not check them.
  • Place courses you are taking according to their schedule.
  • You can check the scheduling from the study guide.
  • Scheduling is only visible for you. Making a schedule does not mean you are registered for the course, the academic year or exchange studies. These have to be done separately.


  • View/read tasks, messages and notes
  • PSP messages: Students can send their study counsellor messages about PSP questions. Messages can be seen by the student and their study counsellor.
  • PSP notes: Students and study counsellors can make notes to the PSP. Notice that the notes are visible for the student and study counsellor. Students cannot remove notes.
  • PSP tasks: Not yet in use


  • Register for courses or cancel registrations to active courses
  • Please see: Enrollments

Classifications, Group description and Exams

  • Tabs are currently not in use.

Peppi – Course feedback

You can influence the quality of your studies by giving course feedback. On the Peppi home page, you will see a list of the open course feedback surveys, and by clicking the speech bubble you can give feedback.

For more detailed instructions, go to IT Services websites > For Students > Instructions.


Peppi – Applying for graduation

The Graduation service is available on the Peppi Student’s desktop. You can also use the service on your mobile device. First make sure you are signed in under the study right to which your application to graduate pertains.

You cannot apply to graduate until you have completed all the studies required for your degree and the courses and their grades have been recorded in Peppi. NB. You must be registered as attending to be able to graduate.

If you are graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, you will first be asked to complete the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey. When you have completed the survey, you will be automatically redirected to the graduation application form. Students graduating with a Master’s in Economics and Business Administration will also be asked to complete a subject-specific graduate survey. Also doctoral students will complete a graduate survey. Other students will be directed straight to the graduation application form.

Submitting an application to graduate

  1. Start the application process by going to the Graduation service on the Peppi Student’s desktop. 
  2. Complete the graduate feedback survey. All students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree are asked to complete the survey. Students graduating with a Master’s in Economics and Business Administration are also asked to complete a graduate survey and also doctoral students will complete a graduate survey. When you have completed the survey, you will be automatically redirected to the graduation application form. Students graduating from other Master’s programmes will be directed straight to the graduation application form. 
  3. Complete the application form by answering questions relating to your graduation. Be sure to save your answers!  
  4. When you have answered all the questions as required, you can log out of Peppi and close your browser. 
  5. When your study counsellor/contact person has reviewed and approved your application to graduate, you will receive an email to your student email address confirming your graduation dater.
  6. On your graduation date, go to the Peppi Student desktop and download your electronic degree certificate. A printed copy of your degree certificate will generally be posted to you on your graduation date as an ordinary letter. 

In case of any problems, please get in touch with the person indicated as your contact person in the Graduation service.

Peppi - Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find some of the frequently asked questions related to using Peppi and the Student’s desktop. If the answers below don’t solve your problem, you can always also contact peppi(at) for help.

Question: I can’t see all the courses I’ve completed in Peppi

In Peppi, each course you have completed is associated with the study right under which you completed the course. You may have multiple study rights – e.g. both a Bachelor’s study right and Master’s study right, and you may also have Open University study rights. You can see the courses you have completed by viewing the details of each study right separately. However, in the Tuudo app, you can see all your completed courses in one place, under the Studies section.

list of study right in Peppi
study right information window







Question: I have more than one study right in Peppi. How do I know which one to use to register for a course? 

Always register (or enroll) for a course using the study right whose study plan includes the specific course in question. Register for a course just once. When using Tuudo to register, you must select the correct study right in order to register successfully.

Question: How do I register for a course if I already have a previously gained grade for it?

Contact the course teacher and they will add you to the relevant course implementation.

Question: How do I cancel my registration for a course?

If the enrollment is still open you can cancel your registration yourself. If the enrollment is closed you need to contact the teacher of the course. If you enrolled in Oodi, you will also need to contact the teacher to cancel your enrollment.

cancelling an enrollment in Pepi



Question : I have completed some courses at the Open University; how can I include them in my degree?

The study counsellors will review all students’ Personal Study Plans and rearrange and move the courses to where they belong. If you have any questions about your courses, you can get in touch with your personal study counsellor. Find the study counsellor for your programme.

Question: I need an official certificate of my studies for my prospective employer. How do I get one?

You can download electronically verified study certificates and transcripts of records from the Peppi Student’s desktop.

study ceritificates in Peppi

Study guide

See also website Study guides


In Lukkarikone you can see and create your own schedule.

Login first with your University of Vaasa credentials.

  • Select English as language in your profile.
  • Current events view shows you today’s schedule, and you can move forward in the calendar to see the schedule for the following days.
    The schedule shows full hours but in fact, the classes start a quarter past and end a quarter to the full hour.
  • When you select the Calendar view, you can see the schedule for the whole ongoing week.
    • You can select your preferred calendar view: monthly, weekly or daily calendar.
  • You can use also the automatic schedule which can be found at the Schedule menu. Automatic schedule shows all implementations that you have in your Peppi. It means that if you have registered for the implementation in Peppi, the implementation will be added to your automatic schedule.

This is how you create your own schedule

Start creating your schedule in the Calendar view.

  • Search for course implementations by course name or ID, or teacher’s name.
  • As a search result, you will get a list of implementations that you can add to your basket by clicking Add.
    • You can also search implementations by your group ID. As a search result, you get a list of course implementations appointed to your group.
  • To see more information on the implementation, select Info.
    • Information tab shows you the implementation details.
  • Reservations tab shows you the teaching schedule for the implementation.

This is how you select the right teaching group within a course

  • By opening the drop-down menu next to the implementation, you can select the right teaching group within a course (exercise group, seminar group etc.) to your schedule.
    • By clicking “Add next to the implementation, you will add to your schedule all reservations made for the implementation.
    • By clicking “Add next to the teaching group, you will add to your schedule only the reservations for the selected teaching group as well as the lectures.
    • On the list, you can also see if the reservations are overlapping with the implementations that are already in your schedule.
    • Choose the teaching group that is overlapping the least with your schedule.
  • You can make several searches and add implementations to your basket.
    • Finish by hiding the search results so you will get back to the calendar view.
  • The reservations for the implementations you have in your basket will automatically be transferred into your schedule.
  • The Index tab shows you the content of your basket. Here you can remove implementations from your basket if needed.
  • In the calendar view, you can open reservations and see detailed information about the reservation.
    • In the Reservation window, you can select Hide event, and the reservation in question will disappear from your schedule.
    • You can make the hidden reservations visible again by selecting Show hidden events in the calendar view.

Synchronizing Lukkarikone with your own calendar

You can synchronize your schedule for example with your Outlook, Google or iCloud calendar.

  • In your profile, select Calendar Admin and the schedule that you have created. Select Create Share link, then Copy iCal link to clipboard, and finally add the link to your calendar of choice.
  • If you want to stop the synchronizing of calendars, select Stop sharing calendar.


Tuudo mobile app is designed to make it easier for students to manage their time and life both on and off campus. The app provides several services to support the student's every day life. Tuudo does not replace all the browser-based services offered by University of Vaasa. Using the app it is not mandatory for students

Tuudo uses push notifications to convey important messages and remind you of upcoming events in your timetable. Enable the use of push notifications when you install Tuudo. You can synchronize Tuudo's Schedule to your personal calendar from Settings.

Android and iOS devices support Tuudo. You can download Tuudo on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Use your UEF username and password when you log in to Tuudo for the first time; no further logging in is needed.

With technical issues, please contact tuudo(at)

Accessibility Statement

Tuudo Accessibility Statement

In the mobile app, you can find the accessibility statement under Settings > About. Here, you can also access the Terms of use and the Privacy policy of the service.


Moodle is a virtual learning environment (VLE).

Moodle support: moodle(at)


Zoom is a video conferencing software, available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

For a guide to using Zoom, go to the IT services website, under Instructions and FAQ > Zoom.



EXAM is an electronic examination system.

For a guide to the EXAM system, go to: EXAM - Instructions for Students


For a guide to using your student email, go to the IT Services website, under Instructions and FAQ > Student email.

Office 365

Office 365 portal which provides browser based Office applications (e.g. Word) and Office software downloads for your home computer.

For a guide to getting started with O365 and installing it on your home computer, go to the IT services website: