Erasmus destinations by school and major

The students should apply for the exchange destination of one's own school and field of studies, but it is possible to apply for exchange destinations of another school/major, but the students of that particular school / major are the primary applicants (not double degree exchanges). The default is that the field of studies of the agreement is studied, any deviation from this is to be decided case-by-case by the host university. Master / doctoral students can also apply for exchanges at the bachelor/master level, these courses and work can be included in your Vaasa degree (if the home and host university agree to this). Erasmus destinations include also our double degree destinations

Business Studies (excluding industrial management and computer science)
Administrative Sciences
Languages and Communication
Technology (including industrial management and computer science)

Nordplus exchanges

In the Nordplus exchange, the student applies for a place in the network of their major and field of studies. The exception is the Nordlys network where the student can study whatever they want (if the host university agrees to this). Nordplus exchanges are only for bachelor and master students.

Norek network (Business)
Nordtek network (Technology), NB. KTH, DTU do not accept exchange students from Vaasa
Statskunskap network (Administrative Sciences)
Nordlys network (no specific field of studies)

Bilateral destinations outside of Europe

Bilateral destinations are open to all students, some destinations have limitations regarding the level or the field of studies. The duration of the exchange is one semester.

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