Getting to the Campus

The university students have the right to park their cars in the university’s parking lots in accordance with the traffic signs if they have a valid parking sticker attached to the car window. Please note that you can easily get to the campus by local buses too.

Parking lots

We are developing our campus into a world-class meeting place. Please take a look at the campus map.

Parking areas are indicated with a P. There are places for students and guests near Tervahovi, Technobothnia and Fabriikki. Staff parking is marked separately. There are barrier-free parking places near the entrances, marked with a logo on the map.

In addition to fixed bike parks, there are loose bike racks near all buildings. The location of bike racks may vary depending on the situation.

You need a permit to park in the university car parks. Visitors can get a temporary parking permit from the information desks. Students can pick up one valid parking sticker from the information desks by showing a student ID or other certificate proving the right to study at the University of Vaasa.

You can avoid a parking fine by parking only in places reserved for students and guests. The staff’s parking places are indicated by additional separate plates attached to the traffic signs. Parking in the staff’s parking places is allowed only with a parking permit for the staff. Other permits do not entitle drivers to park in the places reserved for the staff.

Keep the emergency access roads and logistics areas free. There are parking places for the disabled in all the university’s parking lots. Please, do not park in a place for the disabled without a disabled parking permit.

Other parking places on the campus are not administrated by the University of Vaasa. You can park in these parking places according to the traffic signs. The university is not responsible for the use of these parking areas.

Vaasan yliopiston pysäköintikartta 2023

Student parking stickers

Students can get one parking sticker that is valid for a fixed term. The sticker is available at the information desks in the university’s buildings.

This is how you get and attach a new parking sticker: 

  1. Park on a parking spot dedicated to students or a free-to-use -place.
  2. Get a parking sticker from one of the information desks. Info desks are in Fabriikki and Tervahovi main lobbys. When getting the sticker, you need to present your student ID or another certificate by which you indicate your study right at the University of Vaasa. Also, please announce the license plate number of the car (as the parking stickers are car-specific).
  3. Attach the sticker to the back window on the driver's side, to the bottom edge of the window. If you have tinted windows on the backside of the car, and it is not possible to read the permit through the window, attach the sticker to the front window on the driver's side, to the bottom edge of the window instead. 
  4. If you sell your car, remove the parking sticker and take the old sticker (or parts of it, since the sticker may not come off completely) with you when you get the new sticker

Attach the sticker only the way described above so that the parking permit is valid.

Online journey planner for regional public transport

There is an online journey planner for the joint regional public transport network of the City of Vaasa and Municipality of Mustasaari. In the journey planner, you can check the current location of a bus and suggestions for bus lines based on your destination.

You can select your location and destination on the map, and the journey planner will suggest a suitable route and bus line. Alternatively, you can select a bus stop and see what bus lines stop there and when the buses are due to depart. You can search by typing in the place of departure and destination. The search recognises landmarks, such as schools, the public swimming pool and sports fields.

The journey planner can be used on a smartphone or a computer. The planner is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The bus stop in front of the university on Wolffintie is called Wolffintie – Yliopisto/Universitet.

The bus stop in front of Novia University of Applied Sciences is called Wolffintie 27–31/Novia.