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Applying for a job in Finland -course

Code: OPIS0075
Credits: 1 ECTS

Learning Outcomes: Students will gain understanding and knowledge of Finnish labour market, skills and competencies that are valued, different strategies for finding a job, tips for job seeking, application documents and other basic information. CV-Clinic is an opportunity for students to get comments and ideas to their existing CV and application documents. A lecture and simulation session of the Finnish interview process; in the interview simulation the participants get comments on their performance.
Content: course consists of the following components; How to Apply for a Job in Finland – lecture, CV-Clinic, Interview Lecture & Simulation
Study Materials: Course material provided by the lecturer
Teaching Methods: lectures and exercises
Modes of Study: lectures, self-study, written assignments (job application, CV), presentation, exercises
Languages: English
Grading: pass / fail
Responsible Person: Sami Ilomäki
Teacher(s): Sami Ilomäki
Responsible Unit: Education Services
Additional Information: this course is available only for students in International Master´s Programmes


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