Regional Studies

Regions exist at the intersection of global issues and local solutions. The Regional Studies team of the University of Vaasa conducts international academic research in three core areas connected to place-based knowledge and regional development:
  • Innovation processes and policies
  • Sustainability transitions and smart specialisation
  • Digitalisation and technological transition

As part of the Administrative Sciences Research Group, we review societal transformation and management from a regional perspective. Our research approach follows these principles:

  • Region is a core lens of our research. For us, the ‘regional’ can be studied through various geographical concepts such as space, place, urban, rural, mobile, dynamic proximities and distances, as well as multilocality.
  • We adopt relational, collaborative, and networked research approaches. We analyse societal phenomena through complex spatial relations, shedding light on interactive management and governance in social, physical and digital, as well as in increasingly hybrid, environments. 
  • We are motivated by societal impact. We combine high-level academic research and teaching into motivating and collaborative learning environment for researchers, students, and societal stakeholders. Our strengths in different collaborative arenas are related to the integrative and holistic understanding: in the world of specialized knowledge and diverging views, we search for interlinkages and build bridges between different actors to support place-based development.