Public Management

The most visible part of research in Public Management is research on Administrative Ethics and Management Ethics. Research deals with issues and themes such as responsibility and accountability in public policy and management, conflicts of interest, petty corruption, the integrity of public officials, and anti-corruption measures.

Public Management has a long history in Comparative Administrative Science and also the methodology of comparative research. International comparisons help to understand what is particular in the government of our country in relation to others. Research has mostly focused on developments in Western European governments and public administrations, particularly on their public management reforms.

In the increasingly blurring landscape of governments and public administrations, public-private comparisons are needed to highlight specific public sector features in relation to those of private commercial and non-commercial activity. This theme has been a vital part of studies opening the market orientation in the public sector, currently, it is a vital part of studies on the hybridization in the public sector.

In recent years Public Management has been looking for new directions for research. An example of that is research using Paradox Theory in the studies on the management of public organizations.