Administrative Sciences – Activities

Current and future activities of the Administrative Sciences Research Group

Research Group meetings

If not otherwise communicated, the RG meets in the morning of the first Friday of each month. If you are interested to join or would like to have more information, please contact:

Meeting schedule with research topics

  • Dec 2021 Professor Christoph Demmke: Academic career as a top-sport? What is academic success and why working at a university?
  • Nov 2021 Assistant professor Paula Rossi: Understanding Systemic Change: Conflicts in the public service development.
  • Oct 2021 Antti Mäenpää: Publicly driven innovation in Smart Specialisation: Implementation of electric aviation in the Kvarken Region.
  • Sept 2021 Thomas Behrndt: Coming to Terms with Algorithmic Surveillance.
  • June 2021 Charles Osifo: Technology Governance and Sustainable Development.
  • May 2021 Sorin Dan: Surveillance Public Governance: Shifting Power Relations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.
  • April 2021 Sanna Tuurnas: Agile, institutionalised and dependency-driven: Multifaceted forms of collaboration agency of third-sector organisations.
  • April 2021 Kirsi Cheas: Possibilities and Challenges of Transdisciplinarity and Stakeholder Collaboration.
  • March 2021 Professor Christoph Demmke: Publishing in Administrative Sciences – latest developments (and during COVID 19).

Upcoming research seminars 2022–2023

Preliminary Agenda 2022/2023

In 2022/2023, we will continue to invite (external) scholars, colleagues and PhD students to present their newest research findings, publications and PhD topics (these meetings will continue to take place every first Friday and approximately every second month).

Next to this, we will organize workshops/discussions every first Friday and every second month about so-called horizontal topics that should be of great interest to a wider interdisciplinary audience in the field of administrative sciences.

These workshops will discuss a number of What is? topics or Suppose if? topics, such as

  • What is a Good (international) University?
  • What is the Finnish Administrative system? What is Finnish (organizational) culture? Does it exist?
  • What is Digitalisation, AI and the impact on “privacy rights”?
  • What is the concept of Innovation in the field of Public Administrative Science?
  • What are Public Management, Regional Studies and Social and Health Management doing in Vaasa?
  • What is the link between Good and Critical Governance and Ethics?
  • What is the Rule of Law and how important is it today?
  • What is the definition of Administrative Sciences - elsewhere and in Vaasa?
  • What is Benchmarking of Public Administration and Quantification of Governance? What do we really know about Finland being on top of so many rankings?
  • What are Administrative typologies, e.g. the Nordic Model, Bureaucratic Models, Napoleonic Models? How to classify the Finnish Model?
  • What is the concept of Geopolitics? Is “Geography” returning? What future role for Finland?
  • What is Europeanisation of (Finnish) Administrations?
  • What is Climate Change but where is Biodiversity protection?
  • What is Governance/Public Administration Success?
  • What is the importance of energy companies for the future of the city of Vaasa/University?

Or, Suppose if…..

  • Government and public services would be marketized/totally privatized
  • There would be no public officials anymore, instead only private-sector employees
  • Countries would work without Administrations
  • Authoritarian and illiberal democracies prevail
  • Progress is about the creation of unintentional effects and the return of history

Note: We are open to other suggestions and proposals for discussion topics as long as the topics can be linked to the concept of “administrative sciences”.

Other planned activities

Special sessions
  • “Putting the University Strategy into practice: What does Internationalisation of Administrative Sciences at the University of Vaasa mean? Challenges and Opportunities (date to be confirmed)
  • “What is Administrative Sciences”? (date to be confirmed)
Upcoming presentations and visits
  • Research group members are participating in the panel discussions, organising or presenting in sessions in Hallinnon ja kuntatutkimuksen tiedepäivät 2021, Tampere University, 18.-19.11.2021. See the programme (in Finnish):

Research group in the media and in the social media

Research group in the media

Professor Christoph Demmke in the Dutch Newspapers Trouw, De Groene Amsterdamer, Investico, European Court of Auditors, Council of Europe, etc.:

Associate Professor Helka Kalliomäki in the Finnish Newspaper Ilkka Pohjalainen:

Assistant Professor Antti Mäenpää in The Vaasa Insider Magazine & Helsingin Sanomat:

Associate Professor Johanna Hautala in The Vaasa Science Carnival, Wasa Innovation Center, etc.

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