Jorma Larimo


School of Marketing and Communication, International Business
+358 29 449 8464
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi B313


I have been working at the University of Vaasa already for a long time in different positions. In 2001 I was elected for the full Professorship in International Marketing. Since that I have worked for some years as the Head of the Unit of Marketing and since 2012 as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies and in 2017 as the Dean. From the beginning of 2018 until the end of July 2020, I acted as the Vice Dean of the School of Marketing and Communication. In addition, I have acted for several years in the Board of the Graduate School of UVA and as the Head of the Doctoral Program in Business Studies.

From the late 1990s I have acted as the main responsible of the nationwide graduate school FIGSIB and later on of the Doctoral Programme FIGSIB. Furthermore, I have represented UVA and the Doctoral Programme FIGSIB in the Board of Kataja for several years. During 2010 and 2015 I had also a part-time Professorship at the University of Tartu, Estonia. I have participated to the Annual meetings of EIBA, AIB and AIB UKI Chapter regularly presenting papers, acting as the reviewer, discussant and session chair; related to EIBA also as Track chair. From 2014 on I am an EIBA Fellow.


During the years I have lectured from several different topics. More recently teaching and supervising thesis working at the EPAS accredited Master´s Degree Program in International Business as well as coordinated the East-West Business Program. In addition, I have taught and coordinated several doctoral courses at the University of Vaasa and related to the courses organized by the nationwide doctoral program FIGSIB. I have also been the main coordinator of the EIASM-KATAJA EDEN Seminars on Cross-Cultural Research for five times from 2011 on.


I am the Head of the International Business and Marketing Strategies research group. My main research interests focus on different aspects related to the planning, management and performance in FDIs, IJVs and foreign acquisitions as well as on divestments of FDIs. Other areas of interest include e.g. exports and internationalization of SMEs and marketing and entry strategies in CEE and Asian countries.

Research results have been published e.g. in JIBS, JWB, IBR, MIR, JAMS, JIM, APJM, BJM, and JGM and in several edited books. See all my publications in Google Scholar and my profile in Research gate.   The open access article "Institutional distance and knowledge acquisition in international buyer-supplier relationships: The moderating role of trust," by   Mia Hsiao-Wen Ho, Pervez Ghauri and Jorma Larimo published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management 35: 427-447 was selected as the 2018 recipient of the Mike Peng Best Paper Award and two other articles published in Baltic Journal of Management in 2016 and 2019 have  received the  Emerald Literati Awards.

Some recent jointly edited books are:

The latest big research project is the "International Divestment and Relocation Decisions: The Impact on Firm Value" financed by the Academy of Finland from September 2018 to August 2021. There was a panel related to the project organized at the AIB Annual Conference in Copenhagen in June 2019. Furthermore, there are in progress three doctoral dissertations, several articles and one research handbook related to the project and topic area.



I have supervised so far 22 doctoral theses in Finland and one in Estonia. In 2020 I am the main supervisor of six doctoral students from which three are expected have their defences in 2021 and the rest in 2022-2023. I have acted as the opponent or evaluator of doctoral dissertations in five Finnish Universities as well as at Universities in Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands, Scotland and Australia. In mid-90's I organized the first Vaasa IB workshop. During the years the event has expanded to a combination of a three-day conference and doctoral tutorial having more than 100 participants. The next one - 16th Vaasa IB Conference ?   will be organized on August 16th-18th, 2021.

I am an editorial board member in International Business Review, Management International Review, European Journal of International Management and Baltic Journal of Management. I have acted as an ad hoc reviewer for some ten additional journals. Between 2000-2009 I was the representative of Finland at the Board of EIBA.

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