The University of Vaasa has four schools for research and teaching: the School of Management, the School of Accounting and Finance, the School of Marketing and Communication, and the School of Technology and Innovations.

Science is conducted by people. Our success and the results we have achieved are based on the contribution of our talented and dedicated employees. We are renewing our beautiful campus over the coming years. Our goal is to create an even more attractive, inspiring and carbon-neutral community in which people can develop within a relevant university environment.

Adam Smale
Helinä Saarela

Adam Smale, Dean

The School of Management

The School of Management carries out research and education in the fields of business studies and administrative sciences across its seven subject areas: human resource management, international business, strategic management, public law, public management, regional studies, and social and health management.

The school’s research community is organised around four research groups:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Policy and Organisations
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Complexit

Helinä Saarela, Dean

The School of Accounting and Finance

The activities of the School of Accounting and Finance focus on the development of new knowledge and skills that contribute to financial success. It includes e.g. research and development of finance, financial markets, business and economic analysis, and economic decision-making.

Our research is organised into four research groups:

  • Auditing and Control in Accounting
  • Business Law and Information 
  • Economics
  • Finance and Financial Accounting
Pirjo Laaksonen
Raine Hermans

Pirjo Laaksonen, Dean

The School of Marketing and Communication

The School of Marketing and Communication is a truly multidisciplinary community in which the challenges of business and society are viewed from the perspective of the individual, culture, and business. Our research and education focus on three areas: international business, marketing, and communication.

We have three research groups in our school:

  • International Business and Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing and Consumption Research
  • Communication Studies

Raine Hermans, Dean

The School of Technology and Innovation

The teaching and research areas of the School of Technology and Innovation include many interesting, challenging and fast-growing areas of technology. Today, information technology, automation, telecommunications, and industrial management are needed in every company’s products, production lines, and business.

The school's research community is organised into four research groups:

  • Smart Electric Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Networked Value Systems
  • SC-Research
  • Mathematics and Statistics