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Research platforms

Research platforms

The University of Vaasa also has three open, multidisciplinary research platforms: Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC, Digital Economy, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab.

The university address current global challenges with valid and significant research. Climate change, urban living and the future of work and economic systems are some of the topics we address. However, we cannot solve these challenges alone. We invite everybody to join our campaign in order for us to create a more sustainable future and a better life for us and future generations.

Heidi Kuusniemi

Heidi Kuusniemi, Director

Digital Economy

The digital economy is one of the cornerstones of growth and employment as well as an important innovator for the industry, business, services and procedures. The Digital Economy platform of the University of Vaasa is an open research platform for interdisciplinary research on innovations enabled by new technology as well as their impact on individuals, organisations, industry and society. Research objects include AI, machine learning, automation and the impact of digitalisation on ways of working, communicating and building business.

The research platform makes use of the multidisciplinary expertise found at the university along with extensive cooperation with businesses, the public sector, and other research institutes and institutes of higher education.


Suvi Karirinne

Suvi Karirinne, Director

VEBIC - Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre

VEBIC is a multidisciplinary research and innovation platform at the University of Vaasa responding to the local, national and global needs of efficient energy business and sustainable development goals. By combining a unique set of resources: top-level researchers, versatile infrastructure, business community know-how, support from international networks and government involvement, VEBIC joins forces with its stakeholders to achieve a broader business and societal impact at all pertinent levels.


Martin Meyer

Martin Meyer, Director

Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab

Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab is a phenomenon-based, multidisciplinary open research platform with focus on open and user innovation, entrepreneurship, and public sector innovation and renewal. InnoLab also encourages the application of citizen science, open science, and design thinking.

The goal of InnoLab is to create innovative and unique research and to promote new ways of doing science through inclusion, creativity, reduced hierarchies, and active citizens.

InnoLab invests in dynamic cooperation with its external partners and in communication that is interesting and inviting to all types of audiences.