Leadership Skills for Everyone Johtajana kasvaminen (JOKA)

Johtajana kasvaminen (JOKA) is an extensive leadership module that focuses on your personal growth as a manager and the development of your organisation in a changing society.

The JOKA module gives participants the latest knowledge on and insight into leading companies and public organisations in changing operating environments.

This module will develop your ability to lead people and handle changes in an organisation. It will support your growth as a leader and manager of the future by combining self-development with the development of practices in your organisation.

Participants with varying backgrounds and experiences of working life form a unique starting point for discussion and exchange of knowledge.

The tuition fee of the module is EUR 4,500 + VAT 24%. The module is one of the core modules in our Executive MBA programme, but you can take it individually as well.

Further information

Please contact the training manager of the module.

Maijastiina Jokitalo
Maijastiina Jokitalo
Training Manager

Levón Institute, Management and Organizational Development

  • firstname.lastname@uwasa.fi
  • +358 29 449 8199
  • Konttori K203