Executive MBA programme for the HR professionals

People behind Success HR MBA

For an organisation, its personnel is a key strategic resource and competitive strength.

The HR MBA programme provides an extensive toolbox for active human resource management. With the learning outcomes of this programme, a company or an organisation can extensively and systematically develop its people management. The participants can develop themselves and their ability to support the implementation of the business strategy through the HR functions.

The programme is aimed at HR managers, directors, and specialists.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee of the MBA programme is EUR 28,000 + VAT 24% when you register for the entire programme.

If you register for individual modules instead, the tuition fee of the entire programme will add up to EUR 29,400 + VAT 24%.

Further information

For further information, please contact the training manager responsible for the HR MBA.

Maijastiina Jokitalo
Maijastiina Jokitalo
Training Manager

Levón Institute, Management and Organizational Development

  • +358 29 449 8199
  • Konttori K203
Heli Kaunismäki
Heli Kaunismäki

Levón Institute, Management and Organizational Development

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  • +358 29 449 8453
  • Konttori K202